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Design Build Test ... Repeat.

We want to build bridges through an open platform that brings entrepreneurs and designers together in an international community

Out Belief

Design, Build, Test ... Repeat ... until perfect


We believe that through our platform we can improve our current standard of living and engage/grow with the community we are working in.


Please contact us for more details. Just a few samples among our projects.

Our Focus

Let’s reinvent engineering together

  • Work management

    It is clear that remote working is the future.

    This is why we are building a webplatform where designers and companies can create communities with the purpose of working together on achiving a common goal.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The next BIG revolution in mankinds history is going to be the development of AI.

    We are at the moment working in developing an AI capable of creating designs based on client requirements.

  • Robotics

    Is becoming more and more part of our world.

    This is why we are working in developing the next actuation technology for robotics.

  • Energy management

    We believe that with the increase use of wearable devices and the increased trend for “all things electric” from your car to your automated house, efficient management of power has become a must have is most industries.

About Us

Who is Crystal-Matrix?

Design, Build, Test ... Repeat ... until perfect

Everything you should know

We are a team of engineers that challenges design.

We question the standard.

We are driven by the need to innovate, to shape and optimize the world around us.

We challenge together and from challenge we grow.

We offer a new view on how to develop and optimize.

Design is an art, it implies going the extra mile to obtain conclusive results, it implies dedication and joy of designing.

We simplify and perfect … and only then we sign our work.

We take pride in our design.

Let’s reinvent engineering together

Contact Us

Need help or just want to say hello?

  • Address

    Company address
    Str. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Nr. 22, Room 34
    Timisoara, Romania
    Postal code: 300115

  • Contact

    Call : +4 07 368 90633
    Email : mihai.luchian@crystal-matrix.com

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